About Bentli Belle Boutique

We are your Go To for cute, fun and fashionable clothes! Our mission is to bring out the Belle or Beau in every baby/toddler. We’re also dedicated to helping children in need by donating a portion of proceeds to charities. Founded in 2022 by little Miss Bentli Belle herself, we offer affordable clothing to keep mommies happy and babies adorable. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or another Belle/Beau in your life, you’re sure to find something you love!!


Hello and Welcome to Bentli Belle Boutique!

I’d like to share with you a story about how my business started… One morning, when mommy fell asleep on the breakfast table while waiting for me to finish my apple puree… she started this weird habit of taking naps in random places in the most random of times…she acts like it’s so tiring getting up all night when I cry…

Anyway, I rolled out of my highchair and used daddy’s computer to go shopping for new outfits. When I saw the prices of some dresses, I burped, pooped and spit up; I thought there’s no way mommies can afford this (especially if they nap all day like my mommy). I decided I had to start my own boutique. I got busy searching for cute, affordable, and good quality baby/toddler clothing. By the time mommy woke up, I had placed sample orders and was ready to get going. Of course, mommy was amazed and immediately put in a job application. After lots of consideration (and a lecture about her napping during the day), my first employee was hired! We needed a website and knew the perfect person to build it for us… daddy! My daddy is a genius and can’t say no to his baby girl. I gave him googly eyes and a snot bubble and he got busy building our site.

We made sure our selection would be perfect for every Belle and Beau! It’s the perfect mix of Classy and Sassy.

One thing mommy always says is my bubbas and I are lucky to be healthy and happy. It made me sad to know that not all babies/toddlers are happy and healthy like me so I decided we needed to help those that are less fortunate. That’s why a portion of our proceeds will go to Charities that serve these babies/toddlers!!

I hope you love what you see, but if you don’t, please drop us a line in the chat window or at info@bentlibelle.com. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure mommy wakes up to respond.