Kids Panda Plush & Sleeping Bag | 63x20in OR 67x27.5in | Perfect Gift for Children

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Size Chart

Make sleeping more fun with our very own Bentlibelle Silly Sleepers! 

Whether your kids are taking a nap, resting quickly after playtime, or getting a night bedtime, they can sleep comfortably on our best-selling kid's sleeping bag!  

Three sizes

Small is 55x17.5in (140x45cm)

Standard is 63x20in (160x51cm) 

Large is 67x27.5in (170x70cm)

Super comfy and soft. Silly Sleepers are the perfect sleeping bag for kids! Made with high-quality material that allows children to sleep comfortably, even on hard surfaces.

Easy to Store

Portable and easy to store. This child’s sleeping bag’s roll-up design makes it easy to bring anywhere. All you need is to zip it and pack it. Great for kids napping during daycare, preschool, or kindergarten.

Machine washable and easy to clean. To keep your Silly Sleeper clean, every stuffed toy sleeping bag is machine washable. Wash in warm water and on a gentle cycle and dry in low heat if using a dryer.

Lots of Characters

Lots of characters and sizes to choose from. It has other friends you can also choose to play with (Husky, shark, cat, dragon, bug, dog)! 

Great gift option. A child sleeping bag will surely be one of the best gifts for kids! We recommend our silliest styles which are our dinosaur and unicorn sleeping bags!